Tips for Prayer

"Prayer is nothing more than an intimate conversation with the one who loves us." - St. Theresa of Avila

Prayer provides the channels from which the grace of God flows into our hearts. 

Why don't we pray? It isn't because we are too busy (and I know that you are busy). It is because we don't trust God enough. If we trusted God more, we would make prayer a higher priority. Prayer always delivers! It is one of the most productive things you will ever do!

1) Make it a Priority! Trust God - build that relationship!
2) Schedule prayer time - plan in advance.
3) Play in a quite place. 
4) Get help - use your senses. Images help focus our prayer; mantra can help get us back to center; spiritual books to read; traditional prayers from others; beads (feel) can keep us from drifting mentally. Learn from those who have gone before you. 
5) Pray the Scriptures - Let God speak to you through His written word. 
6) Listen! 
7) Be Disciplined. You wouldn't be late for work. As a pro athlete, I don't miss practice; and as an athlete for Christ I shouldn't miss my date with the Lord of the Universe in Prayer!