Be A Saint - How it Began

Be A Saint began in 2017 through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and with a couple of dull pencils - me and Ruben ... 

I was in my 14th year of Professional Soccer (playing for the Switchbacks FC in the United Soccer League - USL) and found myself sidelined much of the season due to multiple injuries. It was the first time in a while that I was forced to think of life without soccer and what the Lord wanted me to do considering my passions, talent and the desires He has placed on my heart. 

I have always done ministry and evangelization (as we are all called to do) wherever I lived. I have a heart for the faith and sharing the Gospel. I would say that I am over zealous at times and put my foot in my mouth at least as often as the times Christ uses me to plant seeds - all this to say that I have a passion for being a fisher of men and making disciples of ALL! Becoming a full-time evangelist has been a goal of mine for when pro soccer is done; but how could this dream come to fruition ... 

To save you the suspense I am nowhere near attaining that dream yet, but I did get 2 great offers on 2 of my businesses the same month that we launched "Be A Saint" (TBD ...). I ended up finishing the 2017 season strong and re-signed for 2018 and am playing in another pro season with the Switchbacks. Be A Saint Ministries has launched and has been gaining momentum and traction within our first year! The future is in God's hands ... 

So why "Be A Saint"? First, why not!?!? We are ALL called to be saints! We are all called to be holy, serve God and be united with Him forever in Heaven. This is a wonderful call and reminder for everyone of us. There are so many beautiful "life verses" in Scripture, but I fell like this call to be holy, run the race to win the un-perishable prize and serve God with ALL that I am really inspires and motivates me - its like a culmination of many of my "life verses"! It also reminds me of the great cloud of witnesses that have gone before me and I am encouraged by them; I learn from their witness and I seek their prayers (I am not alone on this journey). 

I've always enjoyed learning about the lives of the Saints (canonized saints that the Church officially proclaims are worth imitating). I can relate to them in a unique way and their example and prayers help me grow in holiness. Just as I can observe Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo to improve my soccer skills, I can study St. John Paul II or Mother Theresa to develop heroic virtue and a deeper love for Jesus. Mary says, "My soul magnifies the Lord" and she, along with many other righteous witnesses help me see God more clearly! 

Since 2010 I've embraced this saying, Be A Saint! I would write it in my journal, on my planner and on the whiteboard in my office. I later shortened the saying to say: "be A st." and would even carve that into the back of my phone case. Around 2012 the term "Beast" started becoming popular and redefined to mean: "awesome; intense; fierce; courageous." I thought this was pretty cool and it added to my saying. I thought "wouldn't it be cool if we could build off that definition and re-brand the term 'beast' to mean holy and fierce?" 

With this idea still in the way back of my mind in 2017 and my pro soccer future doubtful, I ran into Ruben Garduno at my church and we started talking about his Christian T-Shirt Company, "Romantic Catholic." I told him about my saying and how I thought it would be a sweet shirt and he was all about it! We started brain storming and the Holy Spirit lead us to create this platform and brand: "Be A Saint". We specialize in apparel, but also do inspirational content, speaking, social media, Pro-Life Fundraising and apologetics ... we are super-excited to see where the Holy Spirit leads this amazing ministry!