Is God Really Real? 15 Proofs - Best Arguments for God

Is belief in God reasonable?

Is belief in God reasonable?

Is God real? Is it reasonable to believe in God? While our capacity to fully understand God is limited, there is more than enough evidence that proves God's existence well beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Here are 15 arguments for the existence of God:

  1. Practical Argument: Saints are happy, sinners are not. People who believe in God live longer, more fulfilled life. If you don’t believe me, ask your life insurance provider. If a car drives better on Gasoline rather than Vegetable Oil, it is reasonable to believe that the car was designed to run on gas and not vegetable oil.

  2. Ontological Argument: We can deduce God’s existence from the very definition of God. It is self-contradicting to deny that there exists a greatest possible being. God is the greatest possible being imaginable. If God exists only in the mind, than we can imagine something that is greater than God since reality is greater than imagination. God can be imagined and exists.

  3. Pascal’s Wager: If I am unsure of something, it is more reasonable for me to bet on infinite happiness than infinite nothingness.

  4. Cosmological Argument: Whatever exists has a cause. The Universe began to exist 13.8 billion years ago. Therefore the Universe has a cause. This cause must be greater than the result and God must be greater than space, time and matter. For there to be a Big Bang, there must be a Big Banger.

  5. Contingency Argument: The principle of sufficient reason states that Everything must have an explanation. Why is there something and not nothing? It is reasonable and scientific to believe that something did not come from nothing.

  6. Universal Consensus Argument: 99% of recorded human history has believed in the supernatural. While this doesn’t prove something to be true, it would be arrogant to say that nearly every rational being has fallen for the greatest lie ever invented and lived a fairytale or illusion.

  7. Heroes worth imitating: Even if share numbers aren’t persuasive, it is appealing to be on the side of all the saints and sages, all the princes and prophets.

  8. Miracles: Miracles happen! There have been 1000s of recorded, public miracles that can only be understood through supernatural intervention. Fortunately you don’t have to go far to observe them for yourself - just as your theist neighbor if they’ve had any miracles in their life. If that doesn’t do it for you, research the miracle at Fatima and the 60,000 eye witnesses; go to Italy and witness Saint Januarius’ blood liquify on his feast day; View the incorruptible bodies of many saint that died hundreds of years ago; there is a reason why most of the agnostic scientists studying the Shroud of Turin and the Stigmata of Padre Pio became Christians.

  9. Intrinsic Value: There is a hierarchy of value and worth. A baby human is more valuable than a rock and a snail. For there to be a hierarchy of value, there must be an objective standard for value and a creator of value.

  10. Probability argument: Edwin Conklin said, “The probability of life originating from accident is comparable to the probability of the Unabridged Dictionary resulting from an explosion in a printing factory.” There are over 200 criteria that must be met perfectly for a planet to support life and yet here we are, not only living, but talking about it. Could everyone of the parameters have been perfectly met by accident? The fine-tuning to support life on a planet is nothing compared to the fine-tuning required for a universe to exist at all. When you consider gravity, inertia, electromagnetic and nuclear forces, and all the wonders of the cosmos you cannot help, but be in awe. The odds are so inconceivable that the idea that it just happened defies common sense.

  11. Intelligent Design: If I found a pocket watch in a field, it would be reasonable for me to deduct that something intelligent designed that watch. When I consider the the universe, the eyeball, the nervous system, the rose, the seed, the atom, protons, neutrons, DNA, the stars and the amazing wonders all around me, it is reasonable for me to deduct that something intelligent designed all this. I know there is an artists since I’ve seen the artwork. I know there is an author since I’ve read His book.

  12. Intellect exists so there must be a Intellect Creator. Reason and Logic are real even if we can’t see, touch and measure them and they must come from somewhere. There must be a thinker of the unchangeable thought. If there were no Truth, there would be no point in debating yet we all seek truth.

  13. Moral Argument: Objective Morality Exists so there must be an objective moral standard independent of our own personal experience. Even if we can’t agree on what is right and what is wrong, we can all agree that right and wrong do exist. We can all agree that rape, child abuse, racism and terrorism is wrong. To know how good something is, we have to compare it with perfect goodness itself. We all have a conscience that is has an authoritative power over us and it cannot be eradicated. Even if we deny objective morality, we must abide by the natural moral law.

  14. Argument from Desire: All of our natural desires point to something real. We get hungry and there is food; thirsty, drink; desire intimacy, friendship; We all have a natural desire for God and it would be logical to think that, like all our other natural desires, can be satisfied. It would be perplexing if we witnessed aliens on another planet walking around hungry, but not having stomachs to feed.

  15. Meaning and purpose Exist which we receive from our creator. A shovel was meant to dig, watch to tell time, hammer created to hammer and humans were created to love. We all accept that we have meaning and, like everything else created, we are most effective and fulfilled when satisfying that purpose.

Love is real and did not create itself. Love is the meaning of life and when we live with love, though we may suffer, we feel most fully alive.

God is infinite goodness, truth and love. God is being itself. There are many smart atheists out there, but faith in atheism is not reasonable and not wise. While intellectual arguments can be extensive and manipulated in many ways, atheism is not wise because it removes the heart and soul of our human experience. Intellectual arguments are important, but it is love that converts and love that conquers. Share these valid, reasonable arguments, but most importantly love your atheist friends and pray for them. God Bless you.

“Faith, Hope and Love remain and the greatest of these is love.” - I corinthians 13:13