The Heart of Atheism - Discovering God through the Intangibles

Are there things you KNOW to be true even if you can't prove them physically?

While there are numerous arguments for the existence of God that apply to the reason, logic and intellect, I wanted to take a different approach with this blog. I want to appeal to the HEART (not just the emotions) in this blog and to the human condition (our true self without ignoring our emotional or spiritual aspects). 

Can we truly trust our reason/logic and intellect if our brains are just a bunch of matter, chemicals and firing neurons that came together by chance???

We can trust our mental faculties, but reason and logic are more than a result of random matter. We are far more than our physicality!

We sometimes try to deny truth and reality that exist if it cannot be proven using the scientific method, but we live by these truths everyday and they can't be ignored. Here are some examples: 

  • Morality - Right and Wrong exists independently of us
  • Reason/Logic/Intellect and Truth - we desire and seek truth
  • Faith & Hope - a crucial part of meaning and happiness - Atheists don't die happy
  • Desire - all of our desires can be satisfied; Why not our desire for God?
  • Meaning/Purpose 
  • Justice & Mercy
  • Intrinsic Value - we know that we have value and know we are worth far more than a stone or ant
  • Love - we seek it, we desire it, we experience it and know it to be real

While I understand these are not 100% undeniable proofs or physical evidence for God's existence that you can touch, feel and measure, my point is to encourage you to see the hand of God in the non-physical realities of our human experience. 

Ok, lets say you agree and believe that God is real, created you and loves you ... now, how can we effectively communicate this critical message in a world that doesn't believe truth exists and thinks that morality is just an opinion or personal preference??? Simple, the same way that Christians have been effectively doing this for the past 2,000 years ... LOVE! It sounds corny and cliche, but LOVE is the answer - they will know that you are Christian by your love! People will not be receptive to truth, nor will they act unless they see a living example. There is no love without truth and no truth without love. To love is to will the good of the other (with no altered motive). While this is simple, it is not easy. People will soon forget what you say, but they will remember the witness of your life and the way you loved them.  Remember, it is not us who converts, but God who changes hearts. We can plant seeds and be an instrument.  I hope this speaks to your heart and increases your faith in a personal God who is madly in love with you!

God bless you!